Ryan Andrew Swanson

Ryan resides in Portland, Oregon where he pursues interests in illustration, lamp making and the fine art of eating.

• Solo Exhibit, Collected Crust . Concordia Coffee House, Portland, ORJune 2005
• Solo Exhibit, The Ant and the Moon. Nocturnal, Portland, ORMarch 2004
• Galveston Arts Walk, "The Twelve Labors of Hercules": Mosquito Grill, Galveston, TX June 2003
• Olympia Spring Arts Walk, "Monster Love": Chopsticks, Olympia, WA April 2002
• Solo Exhibit, "The Lion in Love": The Nation, Seattle, WA January 2002
• Student Contract Show, "Seven Stories": Olympia World News, Olympia, WA December 2001

• Graduated December 2001, Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree from the The Evergreen State College Olympia, WA

• Book Illustration: "The Ant and the Moon" Portland, Or March 2004
• Big Show City Promotional Design, Olympia, WA March 2002
• Book Illustration: "Poor Uncle Pablo" Olympia, WA December 2001